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You may have heard about Palm Beach County’s latest attempt to deny public charter school students and teachers the same rights afforded to district-managed schools. On the November ballot, you’ll see a referendum that seems on the surface to help fund additional safety measures and teacher pay increases for schools county-wide.  Hidden in the text, you’ll find that this increase in taxes is geared only toward district-managed schools and teachers. Their propaganda often refers to the funding campaign as supporting those committed to district schools.  This seems unfair and misleading.

Will Charter Schools receive any portion of this funding? No! Funds generated by the levy will be dedicated solely to traditional District-operated non-charter public schools.

What is the referendum? Benefits Non-Charter Public Schools Benefits Charter Public Schools
Enhance School Safety Yes NO!
Hire additional school police and mental health professionals Yes NO!
Improve teacher pay Yes NO!
Fund arts, music and physical education Yes NO!


A “yes” vote for this referendum, says that the voter agrees that district teachers and students should be funded for security and raises, but charter school students and teachers should not. As a taxpayer, we want to make sure you are not fooled into thinking that this referendum benefits all students or teachers.  Our charter school students and teachers, even though we are part of the district, are not subject to receive additional funds raised.  Other districts, such as Manatee and Broward Counties that have passed similar referendums recognized the value of charter school students and teachers and included them in their funding request.

VOTE NO on November 6th to show your school board members that you are NOT willing to sacrifice the safety of your child nor the financial recognition of your child’s teacher because you chose a charter school for your child’s education.

We deeply value our teachers and our students and although we have no ability to legally stop this unfair treatment, we can do everything in our power to vote it down and demand that the Palm Beach County School Board recognize all taxpayers as equal – not only those that fund their bottom line.